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About Us

You can trust our state-of-the-art solutions to keep your business running smoothly. We help our clients overhaul their traditional and complex challenges with our innovative solutions as a global software company.


What We’ve Done So Far


Valued Clients

Our vertical solutions expertise has helped a lot of clients increase their productivity. You're next.


Experts Around the World

Our experts and marketers help top organizations compete globally and gain new markets.




Revenue in Last 3 Years

Creating revenue-generating software solutions and products that transform your organization.

IT Software Solutions for Businesses

We are a startup created by experienced co-founders to provide digital solutions. Many mobile and web app development services utilizing the latest technologies are available from our 16+ years of industry experience.

What We Do?

We help define your technologies stack and project management strategies, helping you increase your productivity.

Who We Help?

We offer solutions for the best system management for startups as well as established companies.

Why Choose Us?

Our organizational goal is to ensure effective and collaborative management of all human resources.

What We Do?

Technology can be complicated, but we have seen it all before ю..

Why Choose Us?

We have a proven process to help you move your business forward ...

Who We Help?

Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity to help you move...

Our list of service is as per your request. We adapt to what you need.

Journey of Our Founders to CloudExis

  1. Vishal Purohit Starts as a Jr Developer

    With a sparkle in the eyes and high hopes, one of our co-founders starts their journey as developer in a budding organization.

  2. Vishal Realizes the Market Gap of Web Solutions

    Vishal starts getting frustrated working tirelessly on conventional development solutions and realize the market potential.

  3. Kuldeep Zanzameriya Starts His Journey as a PHP Developer

    Kuldeep started working as a Sr PHP and WordPress developer to fulfill his ambitions in an established organization.

  4. identity-management

    Vishal Starts Freelancing Upon Quitting 9-5

    Upon realizing tremendous market gaps between solution providers and solution seekers, Vishal quits his Team Lead job to become a full-time freelancer.

  5. identity-management

    Kuldeep Kicks into Freelancing Upon Realizing Opportunities

    Kuldeep joins the freelancing world, quitting as a Team Lead to fulfill a higher purpose and meet the professional developer demand.

  6. quality-assurance

    Founders Meet the First Time

    As freelancers, Kuldeep and Vishal come together to discuss their experience, ideas, goals, and values only to realize similarities in their visions.

  7. CloudExis Technolabs is Born

    During the end of the first pandemic wave, the founders established CloudExis Technolabs and catered to the best IT solutions to the world.

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Cope the Technological Tide With CloudExis

Our ultimate goal is to ensure our credibility as technology leaders by committing the best of our professionals in your business.